International Tank Cleaning Services


Tank Cleaning Services

International Tank Cleaning Services is a joint company with the fusion of MIGEN Hungary Ltd. And C&S International. C&S International Services operates in Europe refineries and...

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Tank cleaning and product reprocessing

ITCS is supplying tank cleaning and oil reprocessing services, with 2 independent NME equipments! This way ITCS is in the position to run two projects in the same time, that is unique in ...

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We strive to achieve organizational excellence by implementing all the modern quality management tools available. By providing outstanding services we’d like to gain a well-deserved...

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This way ITCS is in the position to run two projects in the same time, that is unique in the European market. With further executive partners ITCS can run a third project in the same...

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„International Tank Cleaning Services LTD is market leader in oil refineries, tank farms, oil transportation companies desludging and tank cleaning services. Our philosophy is the continuous improvement, thus adapting to the market demands a high level of performance, always one step ahead of the client’s environmental and safety requirements.
Our goal is to secure the long-term use practices at an economical operation of industrial plants managed by us. ITCS’s technologies have been developed to minimize time consumption of maintenance and to achieve the highest quality, by ensuring the efficient and safe operation of the turnovers of our client’s facilities. The principal values ITCS offers are the experience we gained from time to time, reliability and dedicated work of our staff, also our sophisticated technology”

Outstanding quality, efficient solutions, industryleading technology and flexibility.

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